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Daily Mail, 6 September 1974

Double Life of the Former Choirboy

Former choirboy Peter Wells, 26, was a regular among the congregation at a Surrey church.

But after the hymns and prayers he returned to his bizarre double life of sadism and debauchery.

Wells, who inherited an estimated £100,000 after the death of his adoptive parents, enjoyed caning sessions with youths dressed as schoolboys.

Last month Wells, of Glossop Road, Sanderstead, Surrey, pleaded guilty to a serious offence on an 18-year-old youth who belong [sic] to the same church. Sentence was postponed for reports.

At the Old Bailey yesterday Wells was jailed for 30 months.

Judge Abdela, QC, told him: ‘To some extent the youth was a willing partner but an awful deep-rooted fear was created in him and he was really frightened.’


Wells also admitted a similar offence on a second 18-year-old youth to whom he paid £100.

Mr Nicholas Purnell, prosecuting, said Wells and the first boy attended the same church and had known each other since 1967 when Wells sang in the choir.

A relationship began last August and at first the youth consented.

‘but by the beginning of this year he only maintained the relationship because of the threats and brutal beatings which he received from Mr Wells,’ said Purnell.

When the boy fled to Liverpool Wells hired a private detective for £1,000 to track him down. It was alleged that Wells threatened to accuse the boy of theft unless he returned.

Detectives who raided Wells’s home found in his Jaguar car whips, canes, a school blazer and a tape recording of a youth being beaten and screaming.

Mr Robin Simpson, QC, defending, said there was a deep affection between Wells and the youth, who had consented to everything that had taken place.

Wells had an unlucky start in life, said Mr Simpson. He had never known his real mother and father.

Daily Mail 06 Sept 1974

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