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This page is just here for those who want to have a convenient place to smash and grab everything in a hurry.

The MP3s can also be downloaded from the pages in the Versions section, where you can also hear them in streaming audio and find all the lyrics with a wealth of analysis and explanations from Tom.

All MP3s are encoded at 160kbps

Good To Be Gay
Precursor song, recorded for Campaign for Homosexual Equality, 1975

Original Demo
Unreleased demo recorded with Tom’s acoustic trio Cafe Society, 1976

TRB Demo
Unreleased demo recorded with the unsigned Tom Robinson Band, mid 1977

Rising Free
Recorded late 1977, released on the Rising Free EP.

Unreleased live concert on San Francisco radio station KSAN, June 1978

Passaic, NJ
Unreleased live recording with the TRB Two line-up on their final tour, June 1979

Cabaret 79
Recorded during a week of Gay Pride concerts ten years after Stonewall

Secret Policeman’s Ball
Solo acoustic version at benefit concert for Amnesty International, June 1979

Coming Out, Ready Or Not
Piano led version with raucous backing chorus, December 1982

Glad To Be Gay 87
Entirely new lyric, recorded live for inclusion on a 1987 greatest hits album

Winter of 89
Recorded live during the Tom Robinson Band reunion, 1990

Live at Eton morning assembly, 3 March 1994. Really.

The Last Word
One verse a capella, hidden track on the Having It Both Ways album, 1996.

Holidays In The Sun
Live in Japan with full band, 1996

Home From Home, Europe
Pared down acoustic based version, live in Belgium 1998

Abbey Road
Sprightly acoustic version, 1998

Glad To Be Gay 2004
Unreleased acoustic version recorded for Queer Music Heritage, 11 June 2004

Cover versions

Sister George
Queercore recasting – and indeed retitling as ‘100 x No’ – from 1993

Feisty folky Finnish language version, 2008

Eerie electronic pop version, 2010

Seething downtempo hiphop version, retitled as Must Be The Truth (Sing If You’re Proud), 2011

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