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Croydon Advertiser, 9 May 1975

‘Had Enough Vengeance?’

As a Sanderstead man was taken from the Court of Appeal on Friday, he shouted to the judges: “Haven’t you had enough vengeance?”

Serving a 30 month prison sentence for serious sexual offences, Peter Wells, 27, of Glossop Road, personal assistant, had just lost his appeal.

Wells was appealing against sentence passed at the Old Bailey on September 5.

Despite a “great many” reports, some urging his release in favour of hospital treatment, the appeal was dismissed.

Wells had pleaded guilty to two offences and his earliest date of release, with full remission, would be next January, said Lord Justice Widgery. The offences concerned tow youths aged 18.

It seemed Wells was now “better” than he was. And, if released, treatment was available to him as a hospital out-patient.

“So was prison the proper course?” said Lord Justice Widgery. “We think it was.”

It was not a case where Wells hoped to change his ways. In fact he maintained that eh intended to continue indulging in homosexual practices.

croydon advertiser 09 may 1975

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