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Here are all the released versions of Glad To Be Gay plus several significant unreleased ones.

Features include:

– release data and record cover
– lyrics
– streaming audio
– MP3 download (encoded at 160kbps)
– notes explaining the lyric references
– comments from Tom

  • Good To Be Gay

    Good To Be Gay

    Precursor song, recorded for Campaign for Homosexual Equality, 1975

  • Tom Robinson in Cafe Society

    Original Demo

    Unreleased demo recorded with Tom's acoustic trio Cafe Society, 1976

  • Tom Robinson Band, 1977

    TRB Demo

    Unreleased demo recorded with the unsigned Tom Robinson Band, mid 1977

  • Rising Free EP - Tom Robinson Band

    Rising Free

    Generally regarded as the original version. Recorded late 1977, released on the Rising Free EP, 1978.

  • Tom Robinson Band, live 1977


    Unreleased live concert broadcast on San Francisco radio station KSAN, 11 June 1978

  • Tom Robinson on stage, 1978

    Passaic, NJ

    Unreleased live recording on Tom's 29th birthday with the TRB Two line-up on their final tour, June 1979

  • Cabaret 79

    Recorded during a week of Gay Pride concerts ten years after Stonewall

  • Secret Policeman's Ball: The Music LP

    Secret Policeman's Ball

    Solo acoustic version at the Secret Policeman's Ball benefit concert for Amnesty International, London, June 1979

  • Coming Out, Ready Or Not

    Piano version at raucous gay concert, with enthusiastic singalong backing, December 1982

  • The Collection - Tom Robinson

    Glad To Be Gay 87

    Not so much an update as an entirely new lyric, recorded live for inclusion on a 1987 greatest hits album

  • Winter of 89 - Tom Robinson Band

    Winter of 89

    Recorded live during the Tom Robinson Band reunion, 1990

  • Loved - Tom Robinson


    Live at Eton morning assembly, 3 March 1994. Really.

  • Having It Both Ways - Tom Robinson

    The Last Word

    One verse a capella, released as a hidden track on the Having It Both Ways album, 1996. 'If gay liberation means freedom for all, a label is no liberation at all...'

  • Holidays In The Sun - Tom Robinson

    Holidays In The Sun

    Live in Japan with full band, 1996

  • Home From Home, Europe disc - Tom Robinson

    Home From Home: Europe

    Pared down acoustic based version, live in Belgium 1998

  • Live at Abbey Road - Tom Robinson

    Abbey Road

    Sprightly acoustic version, 1998

  • Tom Robinson, June 2004

    Glad To Be Gay 2004

    Unreleased acoustic version recorded for Queer Music Heritage, 11 June 2004

  • Elakelaiset - Hummpa United

    Cover Versions

    Snarly queercore, Finnish folk, eerie Swedish pop and seething hiphop interpretations

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